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22nd September 2010 might as well go down as one of the rainiest days this year in Delhi, but that’s not what entirely makes it special. In a series of event being conducted across the World, Delhi got its fair share of a Wikipedia meetup! one of the first of its kind in the capital. To be attended by the CDO at Wikimedia, Barry Newstead, it promised to be interesting and i am glad to say we were not disappointed a bit.

Rain was a major dampener  and resulted in a lower than expected turnout, but with 20 of us there, nobody seemed disappointed.  Introductions threw quite a few surprises, with people from different walks of life having turned up. While there were avid Wikipedians like @theo_who

, there were many who had come to know Wikipedia better. Discussion started with what Wikipedia is up to these days, why these meetups and how it actively looks forward to involvement from people all over in enabling and thrusting forward the ‘Wikipedia Movement’. It was interesting to see

Non English contributors also present and share their set of challenges and readership of their pages. There were complaints of the interface being ‘too difficult’ to e

dit/add articles, which brought forth interesting perspectives of the various guidelines one must keep in mind before trying to add, how the article must be ‘information’ rather than opinion and most importantly how credible sources need to be mentioned to ensure authenticity and non deletion of matter you’ve added.

Team Wikipedia also told those gathered about the project currently underway to develop an easy to use interface which could then also attract more contributors in addition to making things easier for current ones.

All in all, it was unique to know and understand how a ‘full time employee’ team of close to just 30-40 people manages and runs the most widely recognised and revered information tool online. Thanks to the millions of editors who make life easy for so many people around the world!

Kudos to everybody at Wikipedia.

All pictures from the meetup – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=38574&id=108859302475138 Do tag yourself and friends


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